Government of Canada’s Networks of Centres of Excellence awards SCAN Health exceptional report card

The Supply Chain Advancement Network in Health (SCAN Health) is honoured to announce the Government of Canada’s Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) Monitoring Committee awarded SCAN Health an exceptional score for progress in 2018-19 and noted its approach could be adopted as a model for other areas. 

NCE provides an annual review and assessment of its funded networks’ activities. SCAN Health was evaluated on specific criteria including its ability to achieve stated goals, its model of collaboration and its capacity to address key problems and opportunities of strategic importance to Canada. After a thorough review of the network’s results, impact and outcomes, the Monitoring Committee determined that SCAN Health is exceeding expectations in all criteria, a rarely achieved milestone in the 30-year history of the NCE program. 

“As the first NCE-funded network hosted at a business school, SCAN Health continues to reach new heights and establish benchmarks for NCE networks,” says Dr. Anne Snowdon, Scientific Director & CEO of SCAN Health. “With the support of our incredible Board of Directors, Expert Advisory Council, NCE, Odette School of Business, staff and partners, we will continue to grow our capacity to improve population health and safety through supply chain transformation.” 

SCAN Health is proud to be recognized with these outstanding results and looks forward to continuing to build partnerships and exchange knowledge to implement supply chain best practices in health systems. 

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In 2017, the Government of Canada’s NCE provided funding to create SCAN Health. Spanning five countries, including Australia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada – and with over one hundred partners from industry, healthcare, government and academia – SCAN Health will enable the exchange of information and expertise to accelerate the implementation of healthcare supply chain best practices around the world. 


NCE programs meet Canada’s needs to focus a critical mass of research resources on social and economic challenges, commercialize and apply more of its homegrown research breakthroughs, increase private-sector R&D, and train highly qualified people. As economic and social needs change, programs have evolved to address new challenges.

By harnessing the best talent in the natural sciences, engineering, social sciences and health sciences, NCE programs help build a more advanced, healthy, competitive and prosperous country.


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