Dialogue Forum I Description

SCAN Health is pleased to bring its Community of Practice members together to engage, collaborate and discuss supply chain resilience in Canadian health care systems at the inaugural Dialogue Forum I. Hosted by Alberta Innovates, this event will profile key features of Alberta’s successful pandemic response and the strategies used across Canada to mobilize supply chain teams, clinicians, and communities to respond effectively to the COVID-19 pandemic. The event will foster collaboration, build cross-functional working relationships, and enable priority-setting for six workgroups that will support supply chain capacity of the health care system to deliver care safely, effectively, and equitably for the benefit of all Canadians. A special presentation will equip participants with a lens on equity, diversity, and inclusion so that strategies and processes are developed with a citizen-centred approach. Mobilizing knowledge and best practices through the Community of Practice will create the opportunity to co-design advanced supply chain models, practices and measurement tools and scale collaborative solutions across Canadian health systems to achieve safer care for all.

Key Objectives

  • Engage Community of Practice partners in dialogue to examine the opportunities to advance key features of supply chain resilience in Canadian health systems
  • Explore terms of reference and strategic plan to establish workgroups and confirm meeting schedule to advance dialogue towards drafting a workplan
  • Examine principles of equity, diversity and inclusion relevant to health supply chain capacity to support equity across Canadian Health systems

Resources and Materials

Let’s continue the momentum of our inaugural dialogue forum. The event slide deck, program profile, and recording are now available to view!